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I have a T-mobile 8320 and I'm traveling abroad and I wanted to know if ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Service Abroad?


    I have a T-mobile 8320 and I'm traveling abroad and I wanted to know if I would get charged if I turned off wireless service and used a WiFi connection for everything.

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    Maybe. According to T-Mobile they say it could go either way. Logically it shouldn't matter what wifi connection you are on you are not using a tower and logically should not have to pay roaming. However with UMA even though you bypass the tower you still get routed over the internet to T-mobile's switch. From what i have been told (and experienced) If you have the unlimited Hotspots calling added onto the plan (which gives unlimited wifi calling) and make calls only on wifi you should not receive any roaming charges. If not the T-mobile switch flags the location as international and you may get charged. I called T-mobile to see if I could get clearification and they pretty much told me the same thing: We cannot guarantee that you will not get charged for roaming when on wifi. Hope it helps.

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    I've never had a problem while using WiFi/UMA in Egypt, Turkey, Jordan, the UK, Germany, India and Hungary. You should be fine. It's just WiFi. UMA use comes out of your bucket of minutes.

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    eddie is right...according to T-Mo you may or may not get charged because they may or may not be able to tell where your call originated from due to the fact that it's UMA and coming from an IP of right now they have no solution in place to tell whether you're calling internationally or not but this may change in the future to prevent over use or just nto make more $$$ charging roaming even though you're technically not roaming ...hope this helps

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    WIFI is FREE

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    I have not been charged for UMA calls when traveling abroad and having the Int'l email plan. The great thing is the Int'l email plan is prorated and you can turn it on and off as you please on the T-Mobile website - never even have to talk to a person. (If you think CSRs are actually people, and not robots).

    I take that back. The T-Mo CSRs are light years ahead of AT&T's, and I find them very pleasant and knowledgeable. I also feel like they are not trying to stick it to you and hide information, like I did with AT&T.

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