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    scrolling in jivetalk


    Once in a while, when I'm chatting with multiple people, I find myself in a strange situation where I cannot scroll through my chat history quickly.

    Specifically, I'll be talking to my friend for several hours and have a very long chat accumulating. Then another friend will chat me, causing me to switch to his/her chat window. Sometimes, when I go back to the long chat, the cursor will be at the very top of the chat history. I'll have to literally scroll down for 3 full minutes just to see what the last chatted line was. In other circumstances (e.g., web browsing), I could just press the space bar multiple times to scroll by window, but not here.

    To test, I created a long chat with my friend (about 50 lines). I then scrolled way way up by scrolling the ball up about 20 times. Then, I tried to get my cursor down to the prompt to type a chat, but I wasn't able to do so unless I manually scrolled down about 20 times. I tried pressing space bar and various other key presses to no avail.

    Now, I know that I wouldn't have to scroll down 20 if I didn't scroll up 20 times, but sometimes, when switching between chat windows, the focus will be towards the top of a long chat, and I will be forced to scroll down sometimes 100 times just to chat. Does that make sense? Can anyone help?

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