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I have owned my 8330 curve for a month now, and I have two pixels ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    screen problems


    I have owned my 8330 curve for a month now, and I have two pixels burned on my shows a white dot,a nd one shows a red can I take care of this?

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    It depends on whether it's a stuck pixel or a burned out pixel. Stuck pixels can sometimes be, er, agitated into working again by using a video or program that rapidly turns them on and off for different colors.

    On my Pearl I have about four pixels that occasionally get stuck. The interesting thing is sometimes none are, but whenever I go beyond a certain memory level or not using a particular theme for a particular length of time at least two are (and I'm usually beyond those limits). Luckily my other BB's don't suffer from this.

    Neither of the following worked for me, but apparently are fixes for PSP's and other devices and have worked for some others.

    You can load and play this video choose the QVGA H.264 video near the bottom

    You need to play it for several hours, so plug your BB into the USB to power it and let it run overnight - make sure to set media player to repeat.

    Or you can use the application JScreenFix.

    in which case you'll likely need something like bilbylight ( to keep the screen active for a few hours while the app runs (again, plug the BB into the USB or power adapter).

    There are also some other videos meant for fixing PSP's that will play on the BB, can't recall where I found them though.

    Apparently sometimes depressing the screen at the point of the pixel (be careful not to damage the screen) can also sometimes help. I think there's more info on that at the JScreenFix home page.

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