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I dont know if this is an outlook issue or something that can be done ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Schedule recurrence issues.


    I dont know if this is an outlook issue or something that can be done specifically on the BB. What Im trying to do is put in a schedule that happens every 15th and last day of the month(paydays). However, this doesnt seem to be an available option.

    If I set it for every 15 days then on months where theres 31 days, it will be scheduled on the 14th and throw everything off going forward. If I schedule for every 2 weeks starting on the 15th then that also gets thrown off going forward.

    Anyone have any ideas other than going into each day specifically and scheduling it?

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    Re: Schedule reoccurance issues.


    First off the 31st is not going to work what i would suggest is using the 1st and set a reminder for one day ahead. You will need to make two entries for this. First go to new calendar entry for your outlook and make sure start and end time are the same. Also make sure its an all day event with what ever reminder you want to set to. Now click recurrence and for time start & end time is the same with duration 1 day. Next choose monthly with day 1 of every 1 month(s). Last choose the range of recurrence start time leave for default but pick either no end date or end after or end by. That should do ya. Now please repeat steps for setting this up for the 15th. Hope this helps!

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