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    Question Saving contacts to phone


    Hi There, I am a new 8300 owner and wondering the best way to configure my contacts. Eventually I will sinc with my outlook, but not just yet. I bought the phone (unlocked) and put my Rogers Sim card into the phone. When I travel to the Philippines I was planning to buy a local sim card and service while there, so as to save on long distance charges etc. However I want to have access to my existing contacts on my blackberry. SOOo I am thinking that perhaps I need to save all my contacts from the sim card, to the phone, so that even though I will have a new local siim card while on vacation, I will still have my contact information to send text messages etc. Is this correct thinking? and can it be done all at once? Any better ideas?
    Thanks, Tony

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    Re: Saving contacts to phone

    You are correct, you can copy your contacts from your sim card and save them directly onto your phone, so when you travel to the philipines, the contacts will stay on your phone's memory. Just make sure your contacts have the correct area code prefixes when trying to text message, like adding a 1 because i mostly save my numbers without a +1 or 1.


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    Re: Saving contacts to phone

    Sure, here's what ya need to do:

    1. Go to address book and hit menu.

    2. Select "Sim Phone Book"

    3. You should now be seeing all your contacts

    4. Hit menu again and select " Copy all to Address Book"

    5. When that finishes you're done.


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