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Sorry for this simple question, but can you get the same web content with EDGE ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Same content and access with EDGE as Wifi?


    Sorry for this simple question, but can you get the same web content with EDGE as Wifi? For example, through EDGE do you get the same content on or functionality on your bank site as on Wifi? Can you do with EDGE what you can do with wifi except EGDE is sometimes slower? I have an 8310 with only EDGE and am deciding if I should get a 8320 with wifi.

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    ask me
    No need to be sorry for asking a question. If you knew the answer, the question would not be needed to be asked in the first place. But for the answer to your question. To my knowledge you would not be able to access certian content useing wifi, only, if the network you was connected to has a content filter or blocker enabled. Other than that you should be able to go anywhere you want to. I dont think wifi intentions on a mobile phone was to be the sole replacement of having a data plan, but more so a way to provide a option to have a faster connection when wifi is available. And that is where wifi has its advantage over EDGE. You will have faster internet speeds. EDGE has its advantages with mobility, you dont have to be near a hot spot to have access. So in my opinion go for the 8320 but keep your data plan too. You got both of best worlds that way.

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    And you can can use your WiFi connection and Edge connection simultaneously which is nice in a variety of situations. ~via BB (

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    i have the wifi on my 8820 and its great, browsing speeds are much faster, and it allows me to save serveral wifi networks ex: home, school, work. And will automatically connect to your saved wifi hotspots,
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