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Viigo FTW!... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Re: rss reader?


    Viigo FTW!

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    Re: rss reader?

    We have noticed a number of references to memory leaks on the Blackberry Curve recently … and some of those posts have wondered if Viigo is the culprit … so we have done some research to verify if this is in fact the case.

    As far as we know, Viigo is not responsible for memory leaks on your BlackBerry devices, but it is an issue we take very seriously and will continue to monitor. Research on the forums has highlighted a number of references to memory leaks on BlackBerry Curves in particular. Please note that most of these posts are from users who are not running Viigo, so we suspect that the issue is elsewhere.

    For your information, you can control the memory consumed by Viigo by defining the number of articles that it keeps stored on your device. If you look in the Options Menu under Articles, you will find a setting for “Maximum Articles” … which normally defaults to 250 feeds. If you want Viigo to retain a smaller number of feeds, you can set this value lower, and Viigo will generate a smaller database. Note that we are developing an upcoming feature that will allow you to store articles to your external storage card. (Stay tuned!)

    If you have any serious problems with Viigo, we’d love to hear from you so we can help resolve your issues. Please contact our support team

    Jesse Sternberg
    Viigo, Product Manager

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    Re: rss reader?

    as much as i would like viigo, it only shows me sniplets of the article. i would like to read the full article w/o pushing another button. i tried piconews, but they failed to email my acct password so i could add rss feed online. freerange isnt free. any other recommendations?
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