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This is a topic I Google and was almost unable to get a clear answer. ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Royal Caribbean + UMA calling + Blackberry 8320


    This is a topic I Google and was almost unable to get a clear answer. So now that I am back from my cruise, Wanted to share it with the world.

    It works like a charm.
    Cruise line: Royal Caribbean International
    Boat: Majesty of the Seas.

    The concept should work on any of their ships.
    I had a wifi connection on every part of the ship, interior and exterior so the idea was to pay the wifi rate of .55 cents a minute and make UMA calls via internet with my t-mobile blackberry. It worked. It was amazing quality even being in the middle of the ocean. I was able to keep intouch with my familly and it definetly beats having to pay $7.99 to make a GSM call onboard for roaming.....So for only 55 cents a minute, trust me huge benefit to have a Blackberry with this feature. specially if you are a traveler.

    Steps: Turn on the wifi > Scan for network > Choose the one that says royal caribbean wifi > Once it shows connected go to >manage connections> Set up wifi network> and select the bottom tab that says "hotspot login" You will get the home page of the ships wifi that says "welcome to RCI Wifi" Enter your Username and password. The user name and password are created on one of the ships computers that has internet service, in this case it was in the cyber cafe where they had a bunch of stations and when your on it it gives you the option to register. Very easy process. once this is done and you have your username, you choose the plan you want. You will have options like "pay per minute" or bundles starting at $28.00. Unless you will be spending more than 30 minutes then i suggest go with pay per minute. Once you select payper minute you are ready to start using thw wifi and it will ask you on your blackberry if you would like to bookmark the logoff page, I suggest you book mark it. last but not least give it about 30 seconds to a minute and your phone will show you UMA with full signal bars, and your good to go...make the calls with no hassle at only 55 cents a minute.

    Check daily with guest services to make sure of your daily usage so you get an idea what you are incurring as you use the service. Also, If you have international permissions, make sure to turn off your GSM radio on your blackberry in the "manage connections" option. This is to reduce the risk of unwanted charges.

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    Awsome find. Very helpful for those of us that go on cruises. Great job.
    ~via smartphone

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