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I spent this past weekend in Vancouver. I turned off my 8320's cell antenna and ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    roaming experience in Vancouver


    I spent this past weekend in Vancouver. I turned off my 8320's cell antenna and kept the wifi on to avoid cell and data roaming charges. T-Mo charges 49 cents/minute for roaming; calls to Canada are an additional 20 cents/minute for long distance. Also, roaming data is $10 per 1 megabyte (which is insanely steep).

    I made several calls over UMA once I found an open wifi near a cafe and just walking down the street. I would recommend adding the generic wifi profiles (eg. ssid linksys, netgear, dlink, etc) as well. I also found reliable wifi at Blenz Coffee. I saved about $40 dollars in roaming charges calling to the States. I love this BB!

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    For those who are visiting Vancouver (I think Seattle and a few other cities have it as well) and are look for wifi coverage check out for a good list of internet cafes. It's a community run website, no fees, no ads and no pay-per-use wifi spots, like Fat-port etc... All free access only. Cheers, -m

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    Thanks for the info!! this will be very helpful since I frequent trips to Vancouver, BC often. I recently got back from a weekend up there and im dreading the upcoming bill =x

    I didnt have my device set to turn off data while roaming.. but i did log out of my gmail and turn off jivetalk to hopefully reduce my uses

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