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Hello, I have had my Curve now for less than a week! I really enjoy ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Right side Convenience Key


    I have had my Curve now for less than a week! I really enjoy it! However, I have been using my Push-to-talk alot and found that almost every time I use it, I accidentally always seem to hit the right side convenience key. I had it for the camera but have since disabled it. They put the left side key and right side key right across from each other so when you hold the phone to use push-to-talk, your hand accidentally hits the right side key thus activating whatever the right side key is associated with. One has to push the left side key rather hard to activate it as well. Thus pushing your hand hard against the right side key. Has anyone else noticed this? I tried holding the phone in different ways, but I always seem to hit that right side key!

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    Re: Right side Convenience Key

    I've read and re-read your post but not really sure I understand your issue. Is it that you keep hitting the side key no matter how you hold the phone, or that the side key is too hard to press?

    Honestly, I haven't had any issue with the side keys and I have big hands. I guess the fact that they need a little harder press than some prevents the accidental trigger. I had problems witht he side key on the 87 and 8800 models, but this one hasn't been an issue. And I pull it in and out of a leather pouch.

    My only suggestion is that if you pull it out of a pouch, grap it as close to the top as you can. If it's triggerting while you hold it, then try holding it a little more lightly in your hands.

    Sorry if that doesn't help much but good luck and perhaps someone else will come along with a better answer.
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    Re: Right side Convenience Key

    ~via BB ( to hear your enjoying your push to talk. My suggestion would be to use your middle finger to depress the PTT button. Thumb at the top right close to the volume buttons, but not too close. Now just cradle the beauty in your hand and push away! Hope this helps.

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