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Is there a way to restore saved email messages on my BB 8300 Curve? I ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Question How to restore or Forward saved emails in BB that were deleted form Inbox


    Is there a way to restore saved email messages on my BB 8300 Curve? I mistakenly deleted them from my Inbox and device (inbox) after I saved them. I did not back up.

    Is there a way to forward these messages out of BB to my email account or back them up now, so I can view/print them? Detailed instructions would REALLY help...

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    Hi, and Welcome to Pinstack!

    I have an 8330 and am assuming it would work the same on your 8300. Go to your saved messages folder, scroll through the list of messages to the one you want to forward(don't need to open it), when the one you want to forward is highlighted, hit the menu key and you will see the option to forward.

    If for some reason the 8300 doesn't have this option, though I'm fairly confident it does, you could always open the message and while the curser is at the beginning of the body of the message, go to menu/select then hold the shift key and scroll down with the trackball to the bottom of the message untill the whole thing is highlighted then hit menu/copy and then you could paste it into a new email.

    Hope this helps and if you still have any questions or problems just post back and someone will try to help you out
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