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I had a problem with downloading photos to my 8310. I read on these forums ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Reinstalling Desktop


    I had a problem with downloading photos to my 8310. I read on these forums that Roxio was a problem so If followed instructions to replace my Vodafone desktop manager with an earlier version. The new desktop manager worked well, I could download my photos, but I was bombarded with 150 "Blackberry, connecting to server messages." They kept coming, day after day.

    I opted to reinstall my old desktop manager. The trouble is I keep being told I can't do this because I have "a newer version installed," or I get the 1316 error message. I've tried to uninstall everything on my machine - registry, common files, etc but all to no avail. I've system restored back to before I took on the new software. Again, nothing.

    Any help would be much appreciated!

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    Re: Reinstalling Desktop

    First, perform a full uninstall of ALL BlackBerry products liste in Add/Remove programs. Check here for full details on how to make sure you've done a full uninstall:

    Now, install Desktop Software v4.2 SP2 without Media Manager (English) from here:

    Click on the Desktop Manager link in my sig for more insight on installing it.

    Finally, just use Mass Storage Mode when you plug your BlackBerry in to copy videos or whatever to your SD card (or put the card into a reader which is significantly faster!).

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