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Hi, My BB curve deleted old emails, because of a memory shortage. I now have ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Reconciling / retrieving older messages from server



    My BB curve deleted old emails, because of a memory shortage. I now have only emails from a couple of days back. I cannot see older emails.

    Is it possible to retrieve these emails from the server again? I tried to reconcile, however, to no avail.

    Kind regards,

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    You don't say if you have a BES or BIS setup.

    If it's BIS, no. If you need an email on your BlackBerry and still have it elsewhere (like via the Gmail Web), just forward it back to yourself.

    If it's BES, well kind of. If your BES account is deleted and recreated, you will receive a set amount of back email - like two days or 200 messages - whichever is less. This is set on the BES server - you'd have to check with your BES Administrator to find out exactly how much would come back. HOWEVER, when you do this, you loose all your settings (which profile, which font, etc) as well as all Browser shortcuts, and some other things too. I'd still recommend just forwarding messages you need back to yourself.

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    Yup its true what jdellasala said =)

    ~via BB (

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