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My daughter has an 8330 that was having issues. We took it in to the ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    "Reconcile Now" Option missing....need help


    My daughter has an 8330 that was having issues. We took it in to the Alltel store and the wireless consultant had to wipe her device, after backing up the device
    to consultant's computer. Well needless to say when she tried to reload everything back to my daughter's 8330, it would not do it. Consultant's computer kept locking up. We even tried loading stuff on a brand new 8330 and still same result. And of course my daughter had not been deligent in backing up info on home computer.

    So to the point, she has gotten most of her stuff back on 8330, however, there is an option in the messages when you press the BB button for "reconcile now" which no longer appears on my daughters device.

    Can anyone give me some advice how to get this feature back on her BB? She is on BIS, of course, and Alltel service.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Should be able to hook device to computer and pull up Desktop Manager go to appsloader, and when it brings up the info and see if you can get it back from there. I'm not real familiar with Alltel and it depends on which version on DM you have

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