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I'm with Alltel, I have had my Curve 8330 since Sunday. I work in a ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Reception Problems


    I'm with Alltel, I have had my Curve 8330 since Sunday. I work in a rual area and need coverage for the entire county. Alltel has provided that pretty well except for a small area here and there. I have always had great reception with my Razr V3C and lately the Razr 2 V9m. I just switched to the blackberry since I need a PDA function, I have lost a considerable amount of reception in areas I've never had a problem before. If the phone doesn't drop the call, then its the digital garble that I hear.

    Is there anything I can do to help this? If not, is there a smart phone that Alltel carries that I wont have this problem with, or at least not as much of a problem. For as common as it is being, I'm finding it to be unacceptable.


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    I would contact your carrier & make arrangements to exchange the BlackBerry for another one. I do a lot of traveling and also go into weak signal areas. My BB outperforms both my RAZR V3xx & V9 by a wide margine.

    I believe your BB is defective.

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    have you tried *228 to update the PRL (updates the phone with the towers in your area? (Note: this must be done from your home location)) i can verify with my experience as archer6 said, that my bb curve has always outperformed the v3c, v3m, and v3a including the v9 in reception department and everything else and i always seem to have the best reception amongst my friends so if updating the towers doesn't work, i would take your phone back to where you purchased it and see what they think, but i would agree that you have a defective model otherwise

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    as both an alltel rep and a rural user....if you're having troubles with that, first, contact tech support, could be a glitch in the system or on the tower, otherwise, take the phone in and have warrenty replacement done (may not be in store if you've had it more than 30 days), that's an abnormal problem, mine works like a champ in places where reception doesn't exist otherwise.
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