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Ok thanks. To bad can't get e-mails! Oh well.... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Ok thanks. To bad can't get e-mails! Oh well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ridicule View Post
    You should all be aware that this is (predominantly) a carrier network setting. (in GSM networks anyways).

    Believe it or not, the BB supported this since the 8700.
    Well tell 'em to flip the switch!

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    There is a setting in your themes under SMS where you can change if you want to be notified during calls. This option is only available for SMS. I think you still receive them if this option is off but you wont hear an alert.
    I also know you dont get MMS during calls, smae for email

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    Quote Originally Posted by cwaturner View Post
    I have an 8830 through Sprint and yes you can send/receive SMS while on a call but not email.
    Hope this helps. ~via BB (
    Yes i can confirm that also. You can receive sms while on the phone. I havent acquired the ability to text and talk yet. In due time i guess..

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    Quote Originally Posted by MotoUp View Post
    I'm on Verizon, and I receive Text messages while on a call, but no email/data.

    I concur.
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    hmm thats odd bc i can do both on mine i was just on the phone and i got a email. i know for text it works fine never had a problem with that it might of been a glitch or something

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