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Hey guys! Ive got a bberry curve and use it on att network. Im heading ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Hey guys!
    Ive got a bberry curve and use it on att network. Im heading to Canada for a fishing trip and want to use my phone up there. After I have the phone unlocked, will it work up there on another network's towers i.e. Rogers? and how will I be billed from att? Thanks!


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    You really don't need to have it unlocked unless you want to put in a Rogers SIM. It will work with no problem and roam on the GSM network. You will be billed through ATT. Not sure if it is international rates or not however. Might want to call ATT and check it out. Could be very expensive however.
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    Yup. Unlocking the phone means that you can put different sim cards into it such as rogers and fido. If you would like to stay with your current number and service, you dont need to get it unlocked, you can just go and you will be roaming of rogers towers. This method however, depending on the usage might get extreemly expensive! The second thing that you can do is get the device unlocked, then go to local rogers or fido store and get their sim. YOu can get a prepaid acount for taht, however you will have to pay activation fees and such. Your number will also chane to something different.
    Bottom line is roaming is convinient, but gets extreemly expensive (Check with att)
    Unlockign and getting local sim is much cheaper ,but then no one can reach you untill you give new number PLUS no data.
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