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This is a great site btw.. My contract for Verizon runs out in the first ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Question Question of 8320 availability


    This is a great site btw..

    My contract for Verizon runs out in the first week of December. I'm going to let it run out rather than pay the cancellation fee of $125..... I think. That all depends if the 8320 will still be available at that time.

    From what I have read, the 8320 has been released for quite some time now, and I really like the unit, however, how much market life does one expect it to have? With T-mobile releasing the G1 soon, and what-not, can I exect to see the 8320 available as a new purchase come December? I don't want to buy a used one on E-bay or anything, if I start a new 2yr contract with tmo, then I would like to just pay the $50 for a new one.

    Users here seem to be very intelligent, and I wanted to run this question through you. See what you guys think.


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    No one KNOWS the answer but since AT&T has just issued the 8320 for its network, or is supposed to soon - I think it will still be available in December and probably for some time to come. There's nothing wrong with buying a used one if you're careful of where you get it an who from.

    I'm now on an 8330 with Alltel but I still have my perfect 8320 on a T-Mobile to-go account and browse the internet with it, even tho I no longer have a data plan for it. Good luck in your decision.
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