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Hello Stakers, I have an 8330 Curve with Sprint and I made a short Video ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Question Question about videos and Cruve.


    Hello Stakers,

    I have an 8330 Curve with Sprint and I made a short Video (400kb) to send it to another BB 8830 (also sprint) via Msgr. I saw that the BB Msgr didn’t accept sending videos so my next option was send it via email.

    I sent the video via email, the receiving party got the email and it says that it contains an attachment but it wont open it.

    I’ve tried it 50 times with any way possible, I know it also gives the options for WLM and Yahoo but those are not possibilities available for me right now. Can someone explain why the video attachment can’t be saved / played back on the blackberry?

    SFC. Megabite

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    I dont know why, but there is a workaround. Just grab the email from a pc, and then connect your BB and drag the video from the pc to the BB folder. Im going to assume that with the little memory the phone has, it cant download a file that size, or hasnt completed downloading the file. Either one, i dont know, but its easier to make the transfer from the pc though.

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