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    question about my inbox/outbox


    I had a pearl before and now have the curve and only one issue confuses me. On the pearl I was able to forget to clear out my sms inbox and outbox for almost a month without issues but on the curve I have to do it a few times a day because it makes it less responsive when I try to read or reply to messages. Am I doing something wrong or can I change anything to fix this?? Also I haven't texted more than I used to...Thanks!

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    Re: question about my inbox/outbox

    On each message, what is the number count in the history you have as allowed? You know how text messages come in and you can see what you last wrote, and whoever you are texting what they last wrote (all in the same message).....well if that chain gets too long per each will totally bog you down. When I first got my Pearl I had it set to 50 and it took fooooorever to do anything because of that. So I changed it to 5 and the problem was fixed. Hope that helps a little.
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