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Originally Posted by Amigotek "uma" means that the phone didn't connect to BB's server for ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amigotek View Post
    "uma" means that the phone didn't connect to BB's server for data purposes. It shows that you are connected over wi-fi but with no data (similar to "edge" and EDGE). You may have something in your router's firewall that is blocking it. One way to check it is to try a public hotspot and see what happens there.

    I went into the Browser settings and changed it from T-Mobile to Hotspot. Works now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris44 View Post
    Can I get push email? Will apps work with wi-fi? Like ESPN and Pinstack Launcher?

    My GF came over and I tried to hook up her phone to my wi-fi network. It connected and on the top right it said "uma" I called my phone and sent a SMS both went threw, but when I clicked on the browser we got an error. Are there some kind of settings I need to change to get the browser to work? Thanks.
    IF you already have push email (which I think you need a data plan for), then it would work otherwise no. Not all apps support running on WIFI, why I don't know but only some of them do. You can check around for which I only know Pandora does. As for the browser, the BlackBerry usually comes with three browsers, they all look the same and pretty much do the same thing so its really just a setting. In the browser, go to options and then browser configuration and on top you will see an option called browser. You need to change that to hotspot browser for it to work on WIFI. That's how I had got mine to work.

    Let us know if that works for you.

    SMH I wrote all of that and you already did it lol

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