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Hi guys. SO instead of buying an ipod mp3 player i decided to get a ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Problems with SD media card + media player


    Hi guys.
    SO instead of buying an ipod mp3 player i decided to get a 4gb micro SD card for my 8310.

    So far i have put on all the albums i wish to play back but cant seem to get them to play back via the media player.

    I do have other albums stored on the card in form of mp3 files but all the new material i put on i had to via my playstation 3 as i dont have a computer at home.

    I basically ripped the cd to my PS harddrive and then moved them over to the sd card.

    When in the media player, if i selct "explore" all the music comes up but doesnt playback in the way the mp3 do. If i lock the phone the music cuts off.

    Any ideas on how i can get this to work. I uploaded the desktop software here at work but still none the wiser.

    Any help will be much appreciated..


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    Interesting question darrenraymond. Did you put the files in the correct directory on the MicroSD? Media Card > BlackBerry > Music.

    It could just be ripping in the wrong format perhaps. Check your settings on the PS3 under audio I believe.

    I tried creating a shortcut on the MicroSD card under Media Card > PS3 > [shortcut to Music] so I could listen my 7 gig music library from the BlackBerry on the PS3. Didn't work

    For the PS3 to see media on the MicroSD it has to be in a certain folder structure.
    I have done this to put movies on my MicroSD and watch on the PS3.
    Media Card > PS3 > (Folders labelled in all caps) PICTURES, VIDEOS, MUSIC, etc...
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