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Ok so for the last few days i have been noticing that i lose signal ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Problem losing signal


    Ok so for the last few days i have been noticing that i lose signal for hours at a time and it just shows the SOS. I know i am in good cell reception area because its in my house at work everywhere. if i shut my phone of and turn it back on or pull the battery it will get signal back just fine. i have OS and i thought maybe it could be the OS causing this but then i thought it could be t-mobile. but im not sure. anyone else ever experience this?

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    Have you tried getting a new sim card?

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    I had a ton of issues with OS .81, including many dropped calls, SOS, no service at all.... I upgraded to .102 and it has resolved these problems. Maybe give that a try!!

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    I was having very similar issues with my 8100 on tmobile. My wife could be sitting in the couch next to me with her 8100 and have 4 bars and I was getting searching for network. I went to the store and asked them about coverage issues in our area and they looked at my sim card and realized I had the same card that I had started service with in 2000. They gave me a new sim card (free of charge), swapped all my numbers over to it and I've had no worries since. ~via BB (

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    Have you tried pulling the sim out for a few then putting it back in. That's helped me in the past with signal problems.

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