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I am a new BB owner with an 8310 Curve with OS 4.2.2. I have ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    I am a new BB owner with an 8310 Curve with OS 4.2.2. I have spent all day trying to download ringtones and themes and I'm just not getting anywhere. The ringtones were easier but halfway through the day they suddenly disappeared and I had to reload everything. I can't get even one new theme to load. I have tried following the directions on this and other forums but I either get a 907 error message (when I try to download with the My Computer method) or it says the alx application is unsupported (using the Desktop Manager). I have tried dozens of themes that are listed as compatible with my device so I have to assume it's me but I can't figure out anything else to try. I am about ready to give up and trade this in on something easier. If you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them. Please convince me to keep my Blackberry!

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    You might need to update the OS.

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    i would try udating to...4.5 is available for your phone...its all over these forums
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    mandy, welcome to the stacks!

    did you install your device OS on your PC in addition to the DM that came on the disk? the OS isn't on the disk and can be found on your carrier site. that is the only way you will be able to download and install the zip themes.who is your provider? ATT?

    the 907 invalid cod is because you are trying to download a theme that is meant for ota (over the air) download. if you have a bb data plan, you can use your blackberry browser, jump on to (don't forget to remove the default www in the go to window), log in, browse to the theme thread you are wanting to download and click the link from your browser. choose download when prompted. since its probably your first ota download, you will need to perform a battery pull after the theme is installed to activate it. after the first time, you won't have to do the batt pull anymore.

    special note: any themes that include 4.5 in the title aren't meant for your OS. i don't recommend downloading them bc they can affect your current OS performance. you can, however, update your OS as was recommended above. OS 4.5 for the ATT 8310 has not been officially released by ATT and will not be supported. I don't recommend that just anyone attempt to upgrade their device, but if you feel comfortable after reading the how to, then i say go for it.

    ::EDIT:: and to address the ringtones, do you have a media card in your device?

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