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Hi my fellow stackers!! I need all the help u guys can give me be4 ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Hi my fellow stackers!!
    I need all the help u guys can give me be4 i go crazy wih my new bb 8900, plz. I used to hve th curve 8320 n listen to Moodio Radio station wihot no problems, but after i got my bb 8900 i was only able 2 listen twice 2 the stations. Now everytime i go to any station that i had save i get an error messages that says LOADING, "an error has occurred attemtimp to play media" i hyave dond everything as far as unchecking the full mode on menu.
    PLz, plz can anyoe tell me wat is wron 'cause i need my radio 2day n my curve8320 now belongs to my daughter which wont give it back to me now. i thought the 8900 bb was better? plz, plz help e i know u guys have the answer 4 EVERYTHING..... SORASH

    Plz help me asap..... waiting 4 responde....
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    Ok, can you listen to any other stations through the application, or is it only occuring on stations you have saved as favorites? If it's occuring on every station, delete and re-install the app. If it's only occuring on saved stations, delete the saves, select them from the available list, and try them again. I'm curious if perhaps the company has changed something in the station ID that is preventing the app from connecting to the station. Saw this happen in uSirius before. If that doesn't solve the problem, do the first thing I mentioned. Out of curiosity, are you having problems streaming media through any other apps, or just this one? If it's any media, try a good old battery pull.
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    Mine still works. Moodios not an app and is dont online, so i would recommend clearing the cache at least

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