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Has anyone used the Plantronics 655 bluetooth headset with their Curve? If so, please post ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Plantronics Discovery 655 with Curve


    Has anyone used the Plantronics 655 bluetooth headset with their Curve? If so, please post a link of your review! My 640e's battery refused to charge... and because of California's driving laws, I need to purchase a small (I'm only 4'11"), yet clear and functional, bluetooth headset ASAP! Thanks for your time...

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    Re: Plantronics Discovery 655 with Curve

    I use the Plantronics 350. I realize this isn't the one you asked about, but thought I'd let you know about this model.

    It comes with a car cradle (hooks on to your air vent), and in car charger. No home charger. It keeps it's charge for EVER... or at least a week, whichever one comes first.

    Voice dialing with my Pearl works great. Also, if I have bluetooth turned on on my Pearl, simply turning on the headset and the blackberry commects to it automatically.

    Sound quality is very good. I actually have a Nokia headset I like slightly more but it wouldn't pair with my Blackberry, so it's now retired.

    This is a lightweight headset, which can be worn on either ear. No interchangable ear plugs, however. Nonetheless, I find it very comfortable.

    (They also sell an identical model, I believe it's called the 340, which comes with home charger but no car charger/cradle. I just prefer being able to charge it in the car. The one I purchased also has a USB charger, so you CAN charge it from home, via your PC)

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    Re: Plantronics Discovery 655 with Curve

    I've been a Nokia/Plantronics fanboy forever. I've had 7 Nokia phones, and 3 Plantronics headsets (2 wired, and my trusty old 2500 Bluetooth, which just got retired in favor of the Jawbone). I've also used Plantronics headsets at work for about 7 years. When I hit upon consistent quality products, I am VERY reluctant to change. I finally took the plunge into BlackBerry heaven when AT&T crippled the N75 and botched the launch, and well, the Jawbone is just...well, it's the Jawbone, isn't it?

    I bought my wife a 655 with her Curve, and she loves it so far. She's only had it a few days. She hates the way my Jawbone looks, else I would have gotten her one, too. The 655, however, is small, light, and sleek-looking. Very simple aesthetics, and easy to use. The main button lights red when charging, blinks red at power-up to indicate 3 levels of charge, blinks blue when connected, and flashes purple for incoming calls! She digs that.

    It comes with a carrying case about the size of an epipen when fully assembled. The top part has the pocket the headset sits in, a shirt clip like a pen, and the charging port on the bottom. This is where you plug in the AC adapter. If the headset is in the charger/carrying pocket and connected via BT to your phone, it vibrates for incoming calls. That's nifty! Keep your phone in your purse/bag/wherever, and just clip the headset to a pocket or something.

    The "second stage" contains a replaceable AAA battery and snaps onto the bottom of the "first stage." 1 battery will fully charge the headset 3 times!

    In addition, there is a small cap that can snap onto the second stage for storage. It has a standard mini-USB port on it. Included in the box is a (very) short USB cable that plugs into this port. Snap the USB cap onto the first stage and charge your headset via USB.

    The included ear hook is plastic-coated for comfort and is fairly flexible. It does not seem to reshape, but it bends easily for mounting/dismounting the headset. There are 3 eargels included, and they are quite comfy. They snap on firmly and pivot to a stop in either direction for right-or left-ear use. Doing so also positions the headset at an optimal angle so that the mic points down at your mouth when the eargel is correctly positioned. It takes some of the guesswork out of it. Some people opt to wear the headset without the earhook, as the eargel can hold the thing pretty securely by itself, in the right-sized ear. Neither of us were able to do that, though, so thankfully the ear hook is comfortable.

    So far, call quality is quite acceptable. The dsp for noise reduction is auto-on, but can be disabled manually. We were both driving home from work the other day and chatted quite comfortably despite her being in a weak coverage area. The call was a bit patchy, but that's the towers, not the headset.
    Voice works fine, and the headset supports both Headset and Hands-free profiles.

    Prelimenary opinion is it's a good headset, fair to good noise reduction, good sound quality (as I would expect from Plantronics), paired with the Curve immediately, and decent value (well, I got it for 50% off, same as my Jawbone, so I guess that's subjective). It retails for about $80-$100 USD. It is the headset I was going to buy for myself until I found the Jawbone on my discount site! No negatives, as yet.

    No, I don't work for Plantronics.

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    Re: Plantronics Discovery 655 with Curve

    FYI----as the wife of a Los Angeles...No cop will pull you over for that...they will only ticket you for it if they catch you with something if you're really speeding and talking on the phone. I can't tell you HOW many cops I've seen talking on the phone.
    Color---it's nothing but a hue of the rainbow...why do people place such importance in it?

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