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Thanks for clicking on my topic. I've been a long time reader of the site ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Pictures via Email / File Size


    Thanks for clicking on my topic. I've been a long time reader of the site but just finally received my Sprint Curve last night. I am aware of the MMS issue with Sprint smart phones but here is something new I could not find through search.

    When I receive a picture email from myself or friends the file size looks to be accurate. When it is saved to my media card it downsizes the file. An example:

    1. Email from yahoo received (via blackberry) states an attachment 96kb in size.
    2. Attachment saved.
    3. Attachment in media viewer was saved at 16kb.

    Is there anyway to fix this issue? It would affect picture quality if I was to send it out to anyone else without a phone. Thanks for the help!

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    it seems to me that the blackberry automatically saves/stores the photo in a lower resolution.... perhaps the resolution of your BBerry screen. On my PC, Outlook does this a lot. When I send an email with a JPG attachment, it asks if it can lower the resolution to make the email smaller.

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