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Hello everyone: New BB curve owner. 1. I was wondering, how do you receive picture ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Question Picture mail and ringtones


    Hello everyone:

    New BB curve owner.

    I was wondering, how do you receive picture mail on the bb curve 8330? Can you receive the picture from the regular phone and open the file? a friend sent me picture mail and it said to hit go to and then view which is what I used to do with my old phone, but I couldnt figure out how BB processes this and ended up just sending it to my pc e-mail to view the picture.....

    Ringtones, I do not want to purchase them, I rather make them... any good websites????? I do have all the music... once I make the ringtone, how do I transfer them to the phone???

    Music, how can I download my itunes playlist to the phone?

    Any and all information will be appreciated...

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    I will leave the more technical questions to the more knowledgable bb users (a lot of em in here)but as far as the ringtone web sites ..I use u can find all sorts of good stuff on there and make your own too.goodluck.~via BB (

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    For question #3 connect your BB to the Desktop Manager (I believe you will need DM 4.6 with Blackberry Media Sync). On Desktop Manager click Media> Blackberry Media Sync> Check Playlists you want>Click Sync---- and you should be all set.

    P.S. Make sure you have an SD card in the slot that can handle the appropriate amount of music you are downloading.

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    Hi michina20,

    For question 1: are you on Sprint or Verizon? If Sprint (which I'm guessing because you specifically said picture mail) the answer is yes and no. Verizon and the other carriers offer MMS. This is what some refer to as True picture messaging. For Sprint they are supposedly working an app for Picture Mail but it has yet to be see or confirmed. For a work around see my post in the "No Mms Yet!!! Dangit!!" thread (post 8).

    For question 2: There are applications that once you have the MP3 file on your BB you can then use it for a ringtone. These can be found on many of the software sites. (For Example: Ringo Ringtone Manager for BlackBerry found in the PinStack shop. NOTE: This is not a recommendation. I have not used the software myself but I intend to eventually just to see.) There are also free sites where you can get ringtones as well.

    For question 3: the information cgaliffi gave appears correct. Just keep in mind that the BB is NOT capable of playing iTunes protected content!

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