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I recently switched from a Pearl to a Curve (given to my by a friend ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Pearl to issues?


    I recently switched from a Pearl to a Curve (given to my by a friend who switched to the iPhone). I took the SIM out of the Pearl and placed it in the Curve and the phone works but I can't set-up my own email accounts. Anyone have any ideas for me? Thanks!

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    Re: Pearl to issues?

    did you back up all your data with Desktop Manager? if so there is a sticky at the top of this 8300 forum that you should read first then transfer data...if not you'll need to resend service books most likely...also register with the Host Routing Table...hope this helps post back with updates

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    Re: Pearl to issues?

    Did you go online or contact your carrier to change the pin on your account. You mentioned you took the sim out and didn't mention anything about changing the pin.


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    Re: Pearl to issues?

    Yep you have to change your PIN.
    Go to and log in.. click on "Change Device" and enter the new PIN and IMEI (which you can find when you go to Options, Status on your device). Once you do that, you should start receiving emails within the next 15-20 minutes. If you don't know your login, you'll have to request it by doing the Forgot Login thing.. but it'll send it to your old blackberry. Put your SIM back in your Pearl and wait for the message with your login info, then sign in and do the Change Device. Any questions, let me know.. I work for AT&T so I do this stuff everyday haha.

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