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Ok so I think I messed this up I have passwords stored in the password ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Pass word keeper


    Ok so I think I messed this up I have passwords stored in the password keeper but I can't remember my password to get into password keeper any ideas.
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    You might by SOL (unless you figure out the password). Maybe you typed the same password you use for the device? The program is not designed to have loopholes to bypass password protection. If you can't remember for anything you might just have to hit the limit and start over with the protector.
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    There is no way to retrieve a forgotten password on the password keeper application. This is by design.

    You can try backung up the BlackBerry device and continue attempting to guess the password for the password keeper application. If you exceed 10 unsuccessful attempts, then restore the password keeper database onto the BlackBerry device. Once the database is restored, continue attempting to guess.

    Start at the number of tries attempted just before the backup file was created. For example, if you backed up the BlackBerry device with 5 tries left before the password keeper erased the information on the BlackBerry device, type the password incorrectly 5 more times, and the information on the BlackBerry device will be erased. Once the backup information is restored on the BlackBerry device, you then have 5 more tries to type the password correctly.

    This can be repeated as many times as necessary.

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