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My wife both have 8310 phones and we Also have the same blue tooth ear ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Pairing two BB 8310 Bluetooth


    My wife both have 8310 phones and we Also have the same blue tooth ear peaces and they work pretty well. But when I try to pair both phones together with blue tooth so we can send Address book info back and forth. the first thing i get is enter pass key for my phone and my wife's (what pass Key) I just entered 0000 as default and that seemed to work so now their paired but when i bring up the drop down menu I get nothing for a option for sending address. here is the strange part when I look at our blue tooth ear peace and look at the drop down menu options their it is (would like to send address book to) and it asks for permission to send to the other blue tooth ear peace. that just cant be rite what would your ear peace want with your address book. it seems backwards to me and yes I have tried installing phones first and no change. anyway any help would be great.
    thanks Again Jma375hh

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    I think you have to set hers to recieve from bluetooth before you can send it anything

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