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I sleep with mine!... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Love Mine


    I sleep with mine!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jbairdjr View Post
    Having used about every model of Blackberry, I dont think the build quality is any worse on the 8330.
    I actually like the way it feels when using it as a phone better than any previous blackberry.
    Plus, when the Pearl, and any of the other new Blackberry devices come out, there are always posts on the "build quality", but they just keep working.
    I'm not questioning whether or not it's going to work ... I'm just stating that for a phone that costs $419 retail shouldn't feel like a toy my nephew would play with.
    I'm just dissapointed.

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    I'm pleased with mine. In fact, it feels really tight; there are no squeaks, rattles or flexing with mine at all. The only thing I noticed -- right out of the box -- is the keyboard buttons sink a bit. Meaning -- when I hit a key, the keys adjacent to said key depress a bit. Other than that, everything for me is solid, and the keyboard issue isn't a concern at all. In 18 months it might very well be, but thus far, mine is solid and I have no complaints at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BBisBest View Post
    I sleep with mine!
    Me too, I am loving it. Just bought it the other day and have been playing nonstop with it since. I put it on the beside table at night... and check my email from bed first thing in the morning... what a luxury!

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    I just got a new holster with a belt clip and it does the same thing. The magnet is accually in the back part.

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    There is a Today plus theme that also docks hidden icons on the right by just a quick scroll to the right. It is one of my favorite themes. I am browsing right now, but I will post the link when I get to my PC.

    ~via BB (

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