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    Outlook 2007 gmail and BB Redirector Issue



    I just bought a phone for my dad and thought I would test all the functionalities on the phone before sending it to him. I have outlook 2007 and have it set up with my gmail account. I have also launched the BB Desktop redirector application on my system.

    I recieve all the mails on my BB without any problem. However, when I send any mail from my BB, they just sit in the gmail account. They do not flow through to my outlook nor are they sent out. Any help would be appreciated.


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    First, Desktop Redirector is intended for an Exchange environment - not an SMTP/IMAP environment.

    If you want to solve your problem the way you have it set up, you'll have to get Outlook to do a full Send/Receive every X minutes.

    You're really better off just setting up Gmail using BIS. I have it set up that way with Outlook Express, and I get all the emails I send in OE. The only thing I don't get (which I do get with BES) is emails I send from OE on my BlackBerry.

    Don't forget to create a filter in the Gmail account to bypass the Inbox and (optionally) mark any incoming emails FROM that email address as read, otherwise you'll get every email you send from your BlackBerry back into your BlackBerry as a received message.

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