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There have been many issues caused by UPGD to 4,5 with media card in, best ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    There have been many issues caused by UPGD to 4,5 with media card in, best advice is to do it without.. . hope this helps. . .

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    Quote Originally Posted by chusteveb View Post
    I have 3 batteries and it is rebooting durring calls no matter which battery I'm using. I'm reloading 4.2 but i others aren't having issues with 4.5 so why would I? I may try and reinstall 4.5 after reinstalling 4.2 and see if that helps.
    I just bought a brand new EOM Blackberry battery and replace with my old battery ..seems like the pphone is running stable since yesterday. No reboot since yesterday, so I hope this is solved. hope ..and hope

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    i am starting to think that the rebooting isn't an os issue either! I wonder if it is my device. Maybe I'll call att and see if they will send me a different one or get insurace and claim!

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    Ok.. I just received a replacement 8310 from att and after loading the .110 firmware, phone resets itself after about 30 seconds into any call.. I loaded the firmware with desktop software 4.3.. Tried different batteries, still no go.. The phone was updated right out of the box with no sim card or memory card installed.. I really think this is a phone issue.. Fixed the problem by getting another replacement from att.. Updated the software just like the first one, straight out the box, no sim or memory card.. Both phones were wiped clean with jl commander prior to software update..

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