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Forgot to add that there are few new options added to of BB OS ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Forgot to add that there are few new options added to of BB OS that did not have. Some people reported it works perfect (it IS super stable I have to say) but they did not notice any changes to the OS. There ARE some changes and I've noticed them as soon as I started configuring my BB after installing was done.

    It looks like we are really close to the final release of 4.5.
    RIM ironed out all those little glitches they had at some previous releases. GO RIM!

    Here's few screenshots:

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    I have also been having the same issue. 4.5 ran great for about two weeks and now my 8320 gets the red light of death and shuts off. After reboot it will stay on for maybe 30 seconds and repeat itself.

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    I had issues with the Orange UK version on my T-Mobile 8320.

    Camera seemed out of focus and even at the highest resolution, the pictures looked like crap.

    Major battery drain.

    Went back to beta everything back to "beta" normal..

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    ~via BB ( upgraded to the 4.5 last week on my 8320 and I had a prob initially with the surreal theme that I had one the phone previously for 4.2. IF YOU HAVE THE SURREAL THEM FOR 4.2 AND ARE UPGRADING TO 4.5 DELETE THE SURREAL THEME!!!!!!!! It causes 4.5 to run a looping reset. It happened to me. It was awful!! Then my browser wouldn't show up as the default browser but after deleting the theme and re installing 4.5 plus doing a good old fashioned battery pull I got things to work smoothly now 4.5 is the bomb! I wouldn't go back to 4.2. Well, not prematurely. He he!

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    Well It Looks Like I Have To Downgrade Again I Loaded A New Wallpaper And Now All My Phone Will Do Is Keep Restarting Im So Pissed Im Gonna Wait For T Mobile To Release 4.5 I A Downgrading As Soon As I Get Home

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