I have a Blackberry Curve, and my provider is Telus, and I'm no longer able to sync with my Outlook Calendar. I'm using Desktop Manager 4.2 to sync. I'm not syncing address book or tasks or anything else, so it is the calendar causing the issue.

The issue...
I sync, and the message box says that it's reading the device entries - no problem. Then it starts reading my Outlook entries, and it gets to record X (currently it's #27, but it sometimes changes), then I get a popup that says "The operation terminated unexpectedly".

When I first encountered this problem I was able to resolve it by resetting my sync configuration. After doing this successfully a number of times, it stopped fixing the problem, so I uninstalled/reinstalled the software a couple of times. This didn't work. I found a post suggesting I rename my Intellisync folder (C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\Research In Motion\BlackBerry), and once I did this I was able to sync again!

But now my issue is back, and resetting the config doesn't work, and renaming/deleting the Intellisync folder doesn't work either. I've tried backing up and clearing my calendar DB on my BB, but the issue seems to be with an Outlook entry, so syncing still fails with the same error. I've also deleted several outlook entries - no luck. I've shortened the recurrences of all my future appointments, and I've even tried removing the battery from my BB - nothing helps!

The PtTrace.log says (among other things):
"Sun Jul 27 22:57:12 2008: Error 0x83110005.-2096037883.0 at .\syncconfigmanager.cpp line 1137
Sun Jul 27 22:57:13 2008: Error Failed to load CXLServer1.dll from the product directory..4005 at .\callback.cpp line 3610"

How can I debug this issue? Can you help me please? Is there some way to identify the "bad" record(s) in Outlook?