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I have an unlocked AT&T 8300 that I am using on T-mobile service. When I ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Operating System Question


    I have an unlocked AT&T 8300 that I am using on T-mobile service. When I go to upgrade my operating system, should I upgrade with one from t-mobile, or AT&T?

    Thank you.

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    Re: Operating System Question

    you can upgrade to any software as long as you download the software and before loading it search for vendor.xml and delete that. Without getting too techy if you dont delete it it will only upload to a handset of the same network.

    not sure if i explained myself too well. Its best looking in the Guides section which explains everything you need to know!!

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    Re: Operating System Question


    Ben is right in that you can load any software but, if you do, BE SURE to load the OS for YOUR device. An easier way for you to not have to deal with that is locate your provider and then appropriate OS that you need from this site:

    Software for DM or handset.
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