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So my buddy was watching some CNN video earlier in the car while we were ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Online Video Playing on Curve?


    So my buddy was watching some CNN video earlier in the car while we were driving downtown on his Palm Treo 755 which he paid like $200 for (Sprint with 2 yr contract). Mind you I paid ~$550 retail for my 8320 (switched from Sprint to Tmo/Flexpay just for this phone) plus the contract termination fee so I paid a bit more and that's just the start of my problems...

    So I ask him how he watches video on CNN on his mobil and he says he just pops over to the website and clicks the link...

    My Curve doesn't even show the same first page as his Palm, never mind the fact that i can't even see any links for video.

    So i say, "can it do YouTube and other online video sites as well?" he says "Sure" and shows me some YouTube. So i scroll over on my Curve, click on "watch video" and get... an error message.

    Now, after extensive research online all I kept hearing is that the new 88xx and 83xx were killer and did multimedia etc, but I am a little peeved that an aging phone with an archaic OS has more functionality than my brand spanking new Curve.

    I know I gotta be doing something wrong. There has to be a way to get CNN video and/or YouTube on a BB, right? Or did I get taken for a ride...

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    Re: Online Video Playing on Curve?

    You can watch cnn clip on BB now, but not youtube. You can try tinytube.

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    Re: Online Video Playing on Curve?

    You're not doing anything wrong, streaming video not available on the BB...see this thread:
    If its any consolation, your Curve still blows away your friends Treo in many other ways hands
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