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    Question OMG, i'm a freakin' NOOB!

    Advertisement can all slap the "noob" label on me now.....sigh......

    ok, I went from Sprint to ATT, so I know nothing about "sim cards". all i heard was that you store all your contacts to the "sim card" and if you buy a new phone later down the line, you take out your old "sim card" and put it in the new phone.....and now all your contacts are on the new phone......easy as pie! right? or am i misinterpreting this "sim card" thing?

    so, how do i do this? seriously......i feel like a complete idiot asking this. I'm eager to learn and make things more simple for myself, but I have no idea how to get all the contacts on this "sim card".
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    Re: OMG, i'm a freakin' NOOB!

    SIM card can hold contacts one catch though... it will only hold a name and phone# nothing more, SIM cards on ATT are 64K so they cant hold too much. To save a contact from your address book to the SIM open up the contact details, hit the menu key and select save to SIM (and yes if you want to do this it is a one by one process) I personally reccommend just backing up your BB often so that if the device crashes or you get a new BB you can restore to the new device. Or keeping everything synced up with Outlook is another good way to keep contacts, calender backed up.

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    Re: OMG, i'm a freakin' NOOB!

    This is going to start on your Sprint phone, does it accept a sim card. If so you should look in the menu of your contacts screen and see if there is an option to copy contacts to sim card. Then put that sim in your BB, bring up contacts, then select sim address book from the menu. You should then have the option to copy contacts to phone memory. That will pull the contacts from the old sim to your new phone. If you Sprint phone doesn't use a sim card, you'll have to find another way.

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    Re: OMG, i'm a freakin' NOOB!

    Sprint does not use SIM cards since they are a CDMA carrier. iDen phone (Nextel) did, but I'm not sure how many are still around. SIM cards are an easy way of transfering contacts but I have found using a PIM to be much easier. I sync my old phone to the computer, storing the contacts in Microsoft Outlook. Then using the new phone's desktop software I can load those same contacts to my new phone. This tends to be much more accurate and transfer everything including contact pics, etc. SIM cards often create duplicates and can be a PITA to use. The desktop manager obviously is the software for the Blackberry, it syncs with many PIM's including outlook.

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