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what if we could figure out what file is used for the shutter sound (like ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Lightbulb Not just another "camera sound" thread!


    what if we could figure out what file is used for the shutter sound (like taking out the sample pictures)? where could we go from there?

    and just so no one hijacks the thread with "its for security! its illegal! its offensive to baby giraffes!", i want to point out that the three other camera phones i have had, plus two that my wife has had, all had "turn shutter sound off" in camera options. maybe worded differently

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    Quote Originally Posted by kneelberry View Post
    its offensive to baby giraffes!

    Ha ha...thanks for that. Seems like it would be a great idea.
    -- ZJ

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    It's actually embedded into the camera cod file. Unless you can reverse engineer it, no way around it. Then again, reverse engineering it would violate the TOS.

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    Its there for security...

    Sorry, I had to do it... (it is true though, security is important to RIM being that the majority of their phones are used in the business world and government organizations)

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