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Hi all, new member that hasn't found the answer yet. I'm using a att 8310 ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Hi all, new member that hasn't found the answer yet. I'm using a att 8310 on XP SP2.

    While on the road a week back my company switched from a POP3 email server to an in-house exchange server and a different anti-virus program. Now that I am back in the office and try to connect my BB to sync with my Outlook 2007 the DM seems to hang.

    I have reloaded DM 4.2 and disabled the AV program with the same results. If I disconnect the BB the DM stops hanging immediately.

    I know there are probably several layers to this issue but I am really needing some help to get to the core issue and get it resolved.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    You might want to look inot BES, free for the first user (small business edition), you wouldn't need to sync with dm and that would fix the prob right there

    I think I read somewhere that with outlook 2k7 that dm doesn't work right. Ill look into it... Maybe someone here knows about the isse...

    And ofcourse welcome to pinstack!

    ~via BB (

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