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Here I am new to BB. So far hating it. I have tried pushing the ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    NO HRT on BB


    Here I am new to BB. So far hating it. I have tried pushing the SB from BIS and under the HRT there are NO entries at all to register so nothing happens.

    Here is the funny thing if I have it connected to the SYNC cable Internet works I can browse to NY times web page and it gets my corp e-mails, although it prob getting it from my notebook while connected. As soon as I take the cable off I cant connect to anything.

    Error messgae is There is insufficient network covereate to process your request...

    its on the edge network, but edge is not capitalized. Tried csrs but no go they couldnt help.... any advice?

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    Re: NO HRT on BB

    Hello jpk774! Welcome to Pinstack! Have you logged on your BIS account and configured everything? Please try to resend your Service book. And let us know.
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    Re: NO HRT on BB

    if you're on edge as opposed to EDGE, that means you're not getting data, thus no service books. first, try a battery pull, works wonders sometimes. second, i assume you've bought a data plan from your carrier, yes? who is your carrier? call them again, you may have better luck with a different csrs. third, is this a new phone or did you buy it used? it it an unlocked phone? what version of the OS is on your phone? you may need to do a wipe and reinstall.

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    Re: NO HRT on BB

    Also make sure if you do have a data plan that under options, network that data service is turned on. Welcome to the stacks and sorry you are having such a headache with the BB. I know it ain't fun right now but stick with it and the BB will do wonders.

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