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TMO has been working on this for a week to no avail. Signal strength is ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    No Data Except For Over UMA


    TMO has been working on this for a week to no avail.

    Signal strength is fine, occurs in all areas.
    Capital EDGE.
    Calls and SMS work fine.
    Emails and PIN messages can be sent successfully.

    Emails and PIN messages cannot be received unless over UMA.
    Data cannot be used except for TZones over EDGE and all else via UMA.

    Re-registered, sent service books, ran diagnostics and and only problems are that it says 'NO' next to connect to and 'NO' next to Blackberry PIN Email.

    I'm clueless and one week without data.

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    I spend most of my day connected via WIFI/UMA, so I was slow to notice. However, I tried to access something Friday night on EDGE and was unable to connect. This made me realize that the last few times I had tried it had not connected either.

    So I called T-Mobile. First guy told me nothing was wrong in Kansas City (home) and wanted to "re-provision" my BB on the system. I was told to reboot and call them back if that did not work. Half an hour later I called back and this guy told me that all of KC was down and they were working on it. Three days later, and it is still down. I called again and they waived my BB data fee for the month.

    I suspect that they are trained to be as vague as possible when discussing the scope and duration of outages. In fact, it would not suprise me if denying it outright is the first response.

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    first thing we need to realize is that it happens...some flunkie spills his morning latte and the whole network goes down...we just have have faith that their doing everything in their powers to fix whatever problems are occurring...also they may be upgrading the system in your area which can cause issues with data...either way they should get things back up and running...if not keep calling and complaining...maybe you can get them to pay your cable bill too since you're using only your UMA

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    Hi,I had similar probs to those reporting on this thread. I'm in LA. Strong EDGE signal. But,no data except by Tzone browser. Able to send but not receieve emails.When in UMA, everything worked. To make a long story short, it appears to have something to do with have a crossover between BIS and BES service. I used to use the Enterprise server at work, but recently switched back to Blackberry Internet Server. There seems to be a problem, because my BB keeps assuming I have BES sevice, as I can tell by running the Setup Wizard. When I got to email setup, I kept getting only two choices: setup Enterprise email account or skip email setup. Normally, there should be another choice: set up another email account. Anyway, I called Tmobile to point this out, and they manually overrode the BES default. Now everything is working again. I am assuming that the reason everything stopped working over EDGE is that my BB is no longer authorized to connect to the BES server. Just curious whether you all have made any progress with your problems, and whether your problems could be resolved the way I resolved mine.

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    ~via BB ( in KC as well but have only had minimal interruption, not sure what's going on!

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