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Originally Posted by Guru86 Ive recieved my Blackberry 8320 today in the post and im ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by Guru86 View Post
    Ive recieved my Blackberry 8320 today in the post and im really excited in using it.

    Can anyone advise me what do i need to do first ive just bought my first Blackberry so i wont know everything.

    Is it advisable i set everything up including the E-mail and all other stuff before proceeding in the upgrade of the operating system to 4.5?

    Generally speaking is it easy to set up my phone is on Orange UK and its really slick.

    Also i wanted to ask does the Black 8320 get scratched easily with the case provided and are the keys prone to rubbing off with excessive use it just looks like cheap paint has been used for the keys when manufacturing?

    Anything else anyone recommends when setting up.

    Ive been reading ppl have been having problems with the 8320 upgrade e.g. Wifi not working Ringtones not working and original factory themes disappearing can someone put me out of my misery and tell me how i should do the upgrade.

    Is it worthwhile i do the upgrade first then set up the e-mail.


    I set everything up on my T-Mobile Curve (and used it for about 6 months) before I did the upgrade. I'd set it up first, and then completely back it up before you do the upgrade, just to be safe, and be sure that you can always go back to the original software version that you have.

    As far as scratches, yes they do happen. I've dropped mine a number of times. I now have a hard case (and holster) from Seidio that completely protects my curve (especially from my 2 1/2 year old granddaughter).

    Also, having used my curve since the day it was released on T-Mobile, I have had no problems with any "paint" rubbing off of the keys. It has been a non-issue.

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    Hi Guru, just wanted to say welcome to pinstack. You will find all kinds of info on this site. The 8320 is an awesome choice. I love mine even though I have switched backand forth in the past.

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    Thanks for that,

    Ive just read a blog on the 4.5 and the guy was saying hes had problems??

    Im getting worried some what in actually wanting to update the firm etc.

    What is the proper one for Orange UK?

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Hey Guru86, welcome to the stacks. I am sure you already know that you have joined the most helpful sites here. Congrats on the Curve. It is an amazing device. Add me on BB messenger if you wanna....207B2423

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    Thanks for the response,

    But any questions would be appreciated,

    Also i wanted to ask how does the Blackberry Push E-mail technology work?

    If i was to open my email in my BB, when i access my main PC at home will that show the e-mails i opened from my BB to the PC basically update itself.

    Does anyone have the Blackberry on Orange UK? are they known glitches with the handset etc.

    Can E-mails be kept for a long time is there a strict limit.

    Also can data roaming be switched off on the 8320 while im abroad so that i dont rack up a huge bill.

    Also is it worth risking updating to 4.5 or is ideal i wait etc.

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