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Hi everyone! Could somebody tell me how to disable e-mail reception on my blackberry Pearl ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Newbie question...


    Hi everyone!

    Could somebody tell me how to disable e-mail reception on my blackberry Pearl (8130)???

    I'm asking this because I don't know if I'll keep unlimited data transfer on my phone and receiving such things could become pricey over time.... and also bothering while in meetings....

    Anyway, anyone can help me out on this one?


    - Marksman

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    generally removing the data the service provider removes your access to email and web I believe. NO service books, no email or data.

    You can turn data serves off on the 8320 under mobile network options.
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    well unk mail filter with bis would help, and just turning it to vibe or silent would solve you meeting problem! Unlimited data is a must if it exists in the area though, i no longer use my laptop, i just stiuck with the bb all the time!
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    ~via BB ( I hardly ever use my PC for email anymore unless I need to print something at home. I would suggest what everyone else has and turn the wireless off when you don't want mail.

    You can also delete the email address from your BIS account. You can do that via PC or BB using the Setup Internet Email option.

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