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Newbe 1st post. Went to AT&T store today and kicked tires. Salesman was not all ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Question Newbe Issues: MP3s, Ring images


    Newbe 1st post. Went to AT&T store today and kicked tires. Salesman was not all that helpful.

    (1) I'm a classical music guy, so I'll never buy MP3's off the net, but download them from my desktop. Do I use Windows Media Player to do that, or does 8300 come with software to manage that?

    (2) Can I have images (photos) that I download to the 8300 flash on screen to match incoming calls? If so, is there a limit as to number? What is format? JPEG?

    (3) Can I select what I play? By album title? By composer? By artist? Play everything?

    (4) Once I start playing a group of tracks, can I skip forward and backward? Can I fast forward or fast rewind?

    (5) has a "deal" for a 8300 for a net $10 rebate ... does anyone have experience with this "deal" ... sure beats the $200 at local AT&T store! I have an existing Family/Friends plan, and the AT&T guy says I need to add only a $30/month unlimited data plan, 2 yr contract, to get the rebates ... comments?

    (6) Is there an on-line user's manual for 8300 that I can download?

    (7) Does PC software that comes with 8300 include a calendar function so I can get a hardcopy of my calendar? I don't have MS Outlook; instead, I'm a long and happy Eudora user.


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    Re: Newbe Issues: MP3s, Ring images

    1-well first all the blackberry devives comes with a desktop program thatg includes a media manager. So you can use the media manager
    2-you can use images for caller ids. Usually jpegs but gifs and bmp should work as well
    3-usually when using the media player you can only select a folder to play so if your folder has the artist alisted then it will play by artist. If you have them listed by album they'll play by album. Hope that one makes sense
    5-i would recommend getting it from your at&t store. I don't have at&t so I'm not sure what all their policies are but your device will work great with a data plan. You've got a very expensive paper weight if you don't add one. Usually if you got online you have to read the fine print. You'll have to activate a new line of service. There are lots of mailin rebates involved etc. Its usually less of a hassle to get it from your wireless provider
    4-(I got a little mixed up). You can use ur device to fast forward and rewind and you can skip back and forth through your tracks.
    6-in regards to the user manual go to either or your wireless providers home page to see if their is one available.
    7-and the only software your devive comes with is going to be the desktop manager. If you need or want any other software you'll have to purchase it or find it online for free.

    Hope this helps my friend!
    ~via BB (

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    Question Newbe Issue: Domain-based Email forwarding

    I do not have an Exchange server, so I do not have access to any of the fancy stuff you can do with Exchange; however, I have an ISP account with 5 userid's and I have over 20 web sites that I manage with unlimited POP3 accounts.

    I would like to have one copy of my incoming Email forwarded to my desktop and one copy to my BB.

    Now, all of my incoming Emails are "forwarded" (routed) from my main domain to my ISP account. I used cPanel on the Apache server to create two forwarding addresses from a test Email address: one to my normal desktop client (Eudora) via my main POP3 account and one to an alternate POP3 account; alas, the first was forwarded correctly and the second was ignored.

    Does anyone know how I can forward two copies of an Email package to two different addresses in an Apache/cPanel environment?

    ************************************************** **************

    I got my problem solved. There was a confilict between my test forwarding Email address and a Mailmain test list server system; deleted the Mailman, and everything fell into place.

    I then drank the Koolaid, and purchased an 8300 from local AT&T store. Now the learning curve begins.
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