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i have just got a blackberry curve 8300 on o2. having a few problems: 1st. ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Question new to blackberry


    i have just got a blackberry curve 8300 on o2.

    having a few problems:

    1st. cant reciev any incoming emails, but can send to other addresses. o2 cant seem to find out the prob any help?

    2nd. can i put hotmail accoun on my phone?

    3rd. people say about unlocking hidden themes, is there any 4 this phone and how?

    i am a complete beginner to this so keep it simple!

    cheers karl

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    Re: new to blackberry

    1- Make sure your service books are sent. Call your provider and have them resend them.
    2- Yes you can. Go to personal email set up and log in. If you haven't created a blackberry email account, do that first (you will click something that says first time user or something) and then once you have created the account then you log in and go to "add email address" type in your email address and the password. A few minutes later you will get something (an email) saying that you have successfully added that address and in about 20 min you will start getting emails to your phone.
    3- On this forum go to page for the 8300...and one of the first 10 li nks will mention the OPTUS and install that, then search for the thread "How to unlock hidden themes"...follow the dorections, plug your phoen into the computer, open the desktop manager, click "add" or "apploader" and it will add it all.
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    Re: new to blackberry

    i am a fairly recent bb convert and have never unlocked vendor themes before while it is fairly time consumin for the reinstall the process is very easy. I would post a link to the relevant thread but i dont have enough posts for urls yet...just search and you will find

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