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Hi everyone I just bought myself a 8310 BB, now I am starting to play ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    New to 8310 + GPS


    Hi everyone
    I just bought myself a 8310 BB, now I am starting
    to play with it, I write to you guys here to ask
    How can I make better use of its GPS capabilities
    and which is the best GPS program ( one which I would not have to pay a monthly fee if there is one )
    If not anyways which is the best??

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    1,201 For maps and directions, integrates really well into your phone and is most of all Free...... Will give you turn by turn popups as you go along, and shows you as you move.... Just press a button to see your next turn.
    It takes many professionals versed in many different area's to help the masses, I am just a single drop in that pool.


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    Don't forget that you need a data package(recommend unlimited if you can) in order to use the GPS. Or, if you don't, check out trekbuddy.

    If you have a data package, I HIGHLY recommend Google maps. It's free and easy to use. Another must is Berry411(free and easy if you just need a number).
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    I use Amaze GPS. It gives you turn by turn directions and it's voice activated. A lotta people complain but I've been using it for nearly 6 months. It's free and it gets me where needed. Mind u I use it for work. The cheap mofos won't invest on a damn gps on our vehicles but hey that's why I have my BB. Ahhhhhh what would I do without my precious bb? Gotta go hug my bb now. lol
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    Windows Live Maps etc. and Google Maps. I just got an 8310 also. Google maps worked well so far.

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    Ask Me:)
    You may want to keep track of this thread also as it was started today also and is quite similar.

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