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Originally Posted by BHP77 Well , sending my 8350i back for a new one. I ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by BHP77 View Post
    Well , sending my 8350i back for a new one. I was hoping that the new OS would fix some of the issues as far as random cutting off, freezing screen and not being able to place calls. It helped but stills freezes and the call issue is there occasionally. So this one is going back, I have 3 other 8350i's that I keep up at work, none of these have the issues mine has had. As far as the flycast app I don't use my 8350i for it as I have a bold for all my major apps. Also there is a new folder in the messaging, has anyone gotten it to work?~via Bold~
    I know this is late but in response to the streaming- it'll only be decent with a wifi connection. The nextel network is just flat out too slow to handle ANY high end data apps.
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    For sure, the 8350i is more for just the beep beep service than anything else. I have my Bold for all my major apps and business uses. I needed new phones for work and I have to have a BB. I don't do anything with this one other than update everything I need from my Bold.
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