So I have "1 Unread" message, with the indicator at the top. I tried all the fixes I could find; change themes, soft reset, hard reset, mark all as read, check all folders, reconcile, etc. Nothing worked and I am determined not to succumb to reloading the OS.

I backed up my device with desktop manager and then cleared the 'Messages' from my device. Problem solved. Of course, I still want my messages. I restored the selection and my messages came back... along with the indicator. This tells me however that the issue is definatly a currupt message database.

Now, the question is, has anyone broken down that database? If someone knew how it worked it seems plausible to write a code that would look for the problem and fix it, delete that section of data, etc. My programming knowledge is (well, was really, long ago) in VB and ASP, nothing intense or peritinent, but does anyone have any ideas?